Why Smart People Lose Fat, Not Weight!

Why Smart People Lose Fat, Not Weight!

Fat loss not weight lossIt’s important not to get bogged down by just how hard it is to achieve fitness.

It is also very important to lose sleep or to feel guilty about being fat, because, remember, fat is not your fault.

In this article, we discuss the smart way to lose the extra flab around your waist.

Here, you will learn why you should focus on fat loss not weight loss.

Let’s start.

Why should you be concerned about fat loss not weight loss?

It has been estimated that 35% of the US are overweight. Naturally, nobody likes being overweight or obese, as besides being bad for your health, even potentially dangerous,  it hurts a person’s self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence. The side effect of having a bit of extra pounds means that you are overweight and being overweight men or women are simply considered unattractive by the society.

It’s hardly surprising then that a mammoth weight loss industry has grown in the United States, worth $61 billion. But what the weight loss industry fails to tell people is that the term “weight loss” itself is wrong, because just losing weight does not make you fit. Losing fat makes you fit – this is so because, fat loss and not weight loss matters.

To understand this, let’s understand the science behind both weight loss and fat loss.

Weight Loss 

During weight loss, you lose body weight – which includes the total weight of everything contained within your body – bones, internal organs, muscle, body fat and water – lots of water.

And this makes your weight as an indicator of physical fitness unreliable because the body weight may vary widely depending on how much you have eaten in a certain day, whether you have retained water in the bowel or not – which are things that have nothing to do with being fit or less obese, or not.

In fact, water retention or water loss is responsible for the daily variations in weight, and hence it’s not to be trusted.

Also, two persons of the same height should more likely than not, weigh the same, because much of the weight is based on the bones – but they are likely to appear completely different depending on how much body fat they contain.

Obviously, the one with less body fat looks more attractive, even though both are of the same weight. Which, by the way, is one important reason why BMI or Body Mass Index, which only takes into consideration your weight, not body fat, is not a great way to measure your fitness.

Fat Loss

Body fat is the amount of fat carried by the body. Ideally, men should have no more than 10% body fat and women 15%. To get an idea of fat loss, try to wear the jeans you used to wear in college – are they too tight, or even possible to wear?

If they are too tight or impossible to wear, then that means you do have a great amount of body fat. Your weighing scales may mislead you here, and your weight may be more or less the same as it was in college – but you probably look less physically attractive to the opposite sex because of the body fat you’ve picked up over the years.

That’s why fat loss not weight loss is the way to go about it

The key to achieving top fitness and to lose the fat is strength training or resistance training – which helps you pick up muscles, even as you’re losing fat. Equally, it’s important to have a healthy diet rich in proteins and good carbohydrates or complex, starchy carbohydrates.

Interestingly, you may not lose much weight going by the weighing scale after a month or so of weight training, but will fit a lot better into the old college jeans, and will certainly be slimmer than before. This is so because muscles will have replaced body fat, and although muscles occupy less space on the body, they don’t differ much in weight.

So, give up the obsession with the weighing scale, it’s not worth the trouble.

Is fat loss not weight loss possible with a weighing scale?

If you really have to use the weighing scale, use it just once a week or so. Track your body fat using a fat caliper – that’s a far better way of finding out your current fitness status. Measure the girth of your neck, chest, thighs, biceps, and of course, the waist. The waist measurement should get lower over time, while the neck, chest, and bicep measurement should go up. That’s how it’s done – remember it is about fat loss not weight loss!

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