How Do You Know If Your Body is Burning Fat?

How Do You Know If Your Body is Burning Fat?

How Do You Know If Your Body is Burning Fat?

Often, when people go on a strict exercise and diet plan, there’s always a question in the back of their mind if what they’re doing really helps to burn the fat. The question is whether they are truly cutting down on the flab around the midriff and abdominal areas with all the great effort they’re putting themselves through. And when the results are not immediate, there is bound to be a great deal of frustration.

We understand exactly how it feels, and how frustrated one can be, but it’s important to remember that fat is not your fault. Yes you read right, most of the time, fat is not your fault and you need to be aware of this.

You need to deal with fat the right way, know why it gets stored in the body and learn how to burn it in the most efficient way possible. But, at no cost should you blame yourself for it, or despair. So, and I again ask this question: how do you know if your body is burning fat? Let’s talk about that.

How do you know if your body is burning fat?

Clearly, this cannot be said just by looking at the weighing scale. Just because you’ve lost a few pounds may or may not mean that you’ve burned fat. That’s always possible that the weight loss may have been due to a bowel movement, not having had much water, or not having anything at all for dinner.

Such weight loss, especially if you put yourself on a starvation diet, is only temporary. It does not really burn fat.The only thing it does to you is to slow down your metabolism and all the body calories are used to maintain your internal organs.

So, clearly, it doesn’t really make sense to focus on the pounds lost. For a more accurate measurement, try out old pants that you used to wear when you were a lot younger, and find out if they fit you well on the waist or not. If not, it would mean that, while you may have lost pounds on the weighing scale, there hasn’t been a corresponding fat burning to go with it.

But on the other hand, if you’ve been working out as well, in addition to following a healthy diet, then you’ll find yourself fitting into old jeans or dresses quite comfortably, in spite of not having lost much on the weighing scale – that’s so because there’s been a serious fat burning in your body. This fat burning was cause by all the hardcore exercise you’ve been doing. If so, then your body fat has been converted into muscle. The muscles weigh just as much as the fat replaced by them, but occupy less space. So be proud of yourselves. You did not lose much weight, but you gain a lot of muscles, which makes you healthier.

So, again and again, I am asking you the same question, how do you know if your body is burning fat? Here are the signs you should look for.

Are Your Energy Levels Consistent?

When your body burns fat, you’re unlikely to suffer from mood swings or variations in the energy level. You are likely to have a constant energy throughout the day, without being lethargic or tired. This is because your energy would be coming from the burning of calories, which could be because of exercise or intense physical activity. So if you have energy throughout the day, it should mean that you are burning fat. Good news, isn’t it?

Do You Watch Your Carbohydrate Consumption?

When you’re having a lot of carbohydrates in your diet, your body will be burning carbs for energy. Similarly, a low carbohydrate diet means your body would burn fat for fuel. So how much carbs you have in your diet has a direct bearing on the fat burning.

Tip: I usually eat most of my carbohydrate at lunch time. This gives my body enough fuel for the rest of the day. Do not forget, quantity matters and should be in respect to your height, current weight, and if you are a woman or a man.

Get a Body Composition Test Done

Body composition testing is the most accurate way to measure your fat burning. It’s something that can be done really quite easily at any fitness center, and you can get it done on every alternate month.

Watch Your Heart Rate While Running on a Treadmill

A typical monitor on a treadmill displays your heart rate as you run on it. To understand how this works for your fat burning, you should know your maximum heart rate. Just subtract your age from 220 – that’s your maximum heart rate. Now, as you run on the treadmill, at 65% of the maximum heart rate, you would be burning maximum fat, and at a more intense 75% of the maximum heart rate, you would be burning carbohydrates.

So, these are some of the easiest signs and ways that help you find out if your body is burning fat or muscles or you are just starving yourselves from water or food.

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