Why Smart People Lose Fat, Not Weight!

Why Smart People Lose Fat, Not Weight!

Fat loss not weight lossIt’s important not to get bogged down by just how hard it is to achieve fitness.

It is also very important to lose sleep or to feel guilty about being fat, because, remember, fat is not your fault.

In this article, we discuss the smart way to lose the extra flab around your waist.

Here, you will learn why you should focus on fat loss not weight loss.

Let’s start.

Why should you be concerned about fat loss not weight loss?

It has been estimated that 35% of the US are overweight. Naturally, nobody likes being overweight or obese, as besides being bad for your health, even potentially dangerous,  it hurts a person’s self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence. The side effect of having a bit of extra pounds means that you are overweight and being overweight men or women are simply considered unattractive by the society.

It’s hardly surprising then that a mammoth weight loss industry has grown in the United States, worth $61 billion. But what the weight loss industry fails to tell people is that the term “weight loss” itself is wrong, because just losing weight does not make you fit. Losing fat makes you fit – this is so because, fat loss and not weight loss matters.

To understand this, let’s understand the science behind both weight loss and fat loss.

Weight Loss 

During weight loss, you lose body weight – which includes the total weight of everything contained within your body – bones, internal organs, muscle, body fat and water – lots of water.

And this makes your weight as an indicator of physical fitness unreliable because the body weight may vary widely depending on how much you have eaten in a certain day, whether you have retained water in the bowel or not – which are things that have nothing to do with being fit or less obese, or not.

In fact, water retention or water loss is responsible for the daily variations in weight, and hence it’s not to be trusted.

Also, two persons of the same height should more likely than not, weigh the same, because much of the weight is based on the bones – but they are likely to appear completely different depending on how much body fat they contain.

Obviously, the one with less body fat looks more attractive, even though both are of the same weight. Which, by the way, is one important reason why BMI or Body Mass Index, which only takes into consideration your weight, not body fat, is not a great way to measure your fitness.

Fat Loss

Body fat is the amount of fat carried by the body. Ideally, men should have no more than 10% body fat and women 15%. To get an idea of fat loss, try to wear the jeans you used to wear in college – are they too tight, or even possible to wear?

If they are too tight or impossible to wear, then that means you do have a great amount of body fat. Your weighing scales may mislead you here, and your weight may be more or less the same as it was in college – but you probably look less physically attractive to the opposite sex because of the body fat you’ve picked up over the years.

That’s why fat loss not weight loss is the way to go about it

The key to achieving top fitness and to lose the fat is strength training or resistance training – which helps you pick up muscles, even as you’re losing fat. Equally, it’s important to have a healthy diet rich in proteins and good carbohydrates or complex, starchy carbohydrates.

Interestingly, you may not lose much weight going by the weighing scale after a month or so of weight training, but will fit a lot better into the old college jeans, and will certainly be slimmer than before. This is so because muscles will have replaced body fat, and although muscles occupy less space on the body, they don’t differ much in weight.

So, give up the obsession with the weighing scale, it’s not worth the trouble.

Is fat loss not weight loss possible with a weighing scale?

If you really have to use the weighing scale, use it just once a week or so. Track your body fat using a fat caliper – that’s a far better way of finding out your current fitness status. Measure the girth of your neck, chest, thighs, biceps, and of course, the waist. The waist measurement should get lower over time, while the neck, chest, and bicep measurement should go up. That’s how it’s done – remember it is about fat loss not weight loss!

If you want to find a good way to lose fat and not weight, then try the fat is not your fault program. This program has everything that can help you identify the main cause of being overweight, and support you through your journey to a healthier time. It has a great 24/7 support via email so you never get loss. Click on the picture below to find out more.

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Infrared Sauna Weight Loss: How does it work?

Infrared Sauna Weight Loss: How does it work?

Infrared Sauna Weight Loss with the most reviews

It’s long been known that sweating is a great way to lose weight and remove unwanted toxins from your body – and using a sauna is a great way to promote this sweating. Infrared sauna weight loss is a real thing even though it’s still not heavily utilized.

Throughout this article we’re going to go over some advantages and disadvantages of using an infrared sauna for weight loss. But before we go into this, let’s have a look at what is a Scandinavian sauna. Click on the picture to find out more about infrared saunas.

Scandinavian country residents go to the extreme when applying sauna weight loss. They first get a session in their home sauna (most Scandinavian have a sauna at home). When they sweated a lot, they get out in the cold and jump into the snow.

The body reaction to extreme hot and then extreme cold is unique. First you get red skin. Then you start feeling that your body skin is somehow burning (it’s normal as you are getting out from a high temperature and shocking your body with freezing temperature). What this does to your body is what matters. First it helps it to get rid of toxins. Second, it allows you to get rid of fat and excess weight. And third, it is a great mean to have fun with friends and relatives. Looking at your friend jumping in the snow and somehow dancing due to the extreme hot/cold is always funny.

Scandinavian sauna is really enjoyable, having experimented it myself in Sweden. It is a mean of socializing with others in the darkness of winter, but the main thing about it is that it provides essential health benefits. So what if Sauna was upgraded to the Infrared Sauna Weight Loss?

What Is Infrared Sauna Weight Loss All About?

An infrared sauna isn’t quite like the traditional sauna that we are all familiar with, this type of sauna is actually a lot stronger and works harder to make the body sweat. The infrared rays can penetrate around 3 inches deep into the body and this makes you burn more calories than you would in a standard sauna.

Even though it can be an effective way to improve your health and lose weight, there are many more benefits. However, there are also disadvantages that you should take into consideration. Let’s have a look at these.

The Advantages Of Infrared Sauna Weight Loss

The primary advantage of an infrared sauna is the obvious weight loss. A 30 minute session in an infrared sauna can help you lose as much as 600 calories – which is a lot in anyone’s books! This is especially helpful for those people who are unable to exercise, perhaps due to an injury.

In addition to this, an infrared sauna is also an effective way to improve your health as it rids your body of the harmful toxins that our world seems to be filled with. Sweating is one of the body’s natural ways of removing toxins and using a sauna heavily promotes this process.

The Disadvantages Of Infrared Sauna Weight Loss

Funny enough, infrared saunas for weight loss can be quite hard to find so you might struggle to use one regularly. If you plan on buying an infrared sauna then prepare yourselves for it as it may cost you quite a lot of money! May be the best thing is to try and find a second hand one or to try an infrared sauna weight loss system before engaging yourselves into a large expenditure. This way you’ll make sure you understand what it is all about and you’ll know for sure if the infrared sauna is for you or not.

With this in mind, an infrared sauna can be a heavy financial outgoing for the majority of people. The good news is that you can still use a regular sauna, however, but this won’t burn as much calories.

On the other hand, saunas can be quite uncomfortable for most people. You get sweaty, reddish like you’ve been doing sport! So you should always start off slowly and work your way up if you are comfortable. When I say start off slowly, do not put too high temperature and do not stay too long when you first start. Take it easy, and increase the time you stay in the sauna. You’ll see, with time you’ll start enjoying it. Apart from being a bit uncomfortable at the beginning, there aren’t really any other disadvantages.

Conclusion On Infrared Sauna Weight Loss

There are many things you can do in order to lose weight and get the body that you’ve always wanted. Using an infrared sauna is just one of these things that you can do that will help you lose weight easily and effectively.

Remember though, using an infrared sauna should not be the only way that you intend to lose weight. At the end of the day, a healthy balanced diet along with a good exercise regime is still the best way to improve your health and your physique.

Our Advice On How To Maximise The Use Of Infrared Sauna Weight Loss

As said, it is clear that Infrared Sauna weight loss will be of great help to you if you are serious in getting rid of excess weight. But on its own, weight loss with infrared sauna may not be enough. Our advice would be to combine this with the fat is not your fault program. Doing so will help you identify issues with your internals (using the fat is not your fault), aim at solving these internals issues professionally, and working on reducing your excess fat by using the Infrared Sauna Weight Loss.

So take action and click on the below picture to access your fat is not your fault plan to start your successful journey towards weight loss. Do not wait, just click. I am sure that you will find solutions in the fat is not your fault. The program has a great 24/7 support via email so you never get loss and feel alone! Click on the picture and see you on the inside.

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Nutrition for Weight Loss: Why It Is Hard and How to Do It?

Is Nutrition For Weight Loss Difficult?

Most people assume that adopting a new nutrition for weight loss is an easy task. After a few weeks of adopting such a new nutrition diet, they quickly come to conclusion that losing weight and excess ‘fat’ cannot be achieved simply by changing their eating habits or exercising.

In some cases, it is true that you can lose weight just by changing some of your eating habits. But, for the majority of people, it isn’t that easy. Many have tried repeated diets, workouts, etc. and the weight just doesn’t come off. If you are among these people, then there is a good chance your nutrition for weight loss is not working because your body is affected by other internal issues.

The first step in successfully losing weight and body fat is finding out what the cause of the weight gain or resistance to weight loss is. There are many medical conditions that may be to blame. Once you find the cause of the weight gain, you can begin your nutrition for weight loss. I have found that fat is not your fault is really good to identify the issues with your body or like I call it ‘your internals’.

How to be successful in your nutrition for weight loss?

Among the top reasons for weight gain and resistance to weight loss are age, missing nutrients such as vitamin D, magnesium, and iron, digestive issues, depression and musculoskeletal conditions, including knee or hip pain, planter fasciitis, and osteoarthritis.

Another common reason that your body is holding on to excess fat is prescribed medications. There is a long list of medicines that may be preventing you from losing weight, birth control pills, hormone therapies, and steroids, beta blockers for heart disease and blood pressure, and anti-seizures medications. Medicines used to treat breast cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines and heartburn have also been known to cause resistance to weight loss, and even contribute to weight gain.Nutrition for weight loss with Fat is not your fault

If you have tried dieting and exercise and it seems impossible to lose weight, the first step is to consult your doctor. You may find that there is a medical condition or medication causing the problem and in this case the excess fat. My advice would be to learn more about the different conditions that can affect you. One way is to ask your doctor to provide you with a list of things that needs to be checked, or if you are like me and you want to know more, you can use fat is not your fault method. It worked great for me and I am sure you will learn a lot from it.

Benefits of a Proper Nutrition for Weight Loss

Once the cause for the weight gain is found, the process of losing weight can begin. While exercise and being more active will help, proper nutrition is the key to losing weight and keeping it off.

The proper amount of nutrients and calories a person should consume differs depending on age, gender and activity level, but it all comes down to having a proper, balanced intake of both. Eating a variety of foods from the five major groups (vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy and from the protein group) is of high important. And you don’t have to completely cut out your favorite foods as long as you consume them in moderation.

The benefits of employing proper nutrition for weight loss don’t end with just losing weight and keeping it off. A proper diet also improves cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure and increases energy. So you have to target an overall shift in thinking but also in doing. All of this can be done at a slow pace, at your own pace, but try to stick to your aim.

Nothing worse to forgive yourselves by eating series of big hamburgers half way through your ‘recovery’. You can eat a hamburger once in a while, but do not overdo it and then say it is not working. What I mean by once in a while is really a maximum of once a week. And no other ‘bad eating habits’ please.

Tips for a healthy, balanced diet for a successful nutrition for weight loss

Keep the food pyramid in mind when shopping for and preparing food. You need a good balance of all food types to ensure a healthy diet. And also read the nutrition facts on food labels, paying special attention to fats, sodium and carbohydrates.

Protein is important, but you want to get it from plants and lean meats. Certain cuts of meat have less fat. Look for round and loin when buying beef and loin and leg when buying lamb or pork. With poultry, white meat has less fat than dark meat.

Everyone needs 20 to 35 grams of fiber a day. Fiber can be found in oat bran, barley, legumes, and most fruits and veggies.

Everyone should drink 8 to 10 8 ounces glasses of water a day. And drinking alcohol should be limited since it is full of empty calories. If you do not like water, then try to drink different types of herbal tea. These have great flavors. Try to find your favorite flavor and always carry some with you in case you visit a friend and he does not have it.

So to be success with losing weight, and keeping it off, you must first find out why you have fat resistance in the first place and what are the issues with your internals. If you are stuck where to start, you can try to use fat is not your fault. And if you want to know more about this method click on the nutrition for weight loss to find out more. Once you do understand your internal issues, change your diet and employ a nutrition for weight loss methodology. These two combined will create a winning combination for healthier, skinnier, more energetic body.

Are you a weight loss resistance victim?

Are you a weight loss resistance victim?

Weight loss resistance

First, let me tell you that you are not the only person having weight loss resistance issues. If we want to be a bit more factual, there are hundreds of people who are affected by weight resistance and would die to become thinner, fitter and ultimately feel better in their body.

These people are like you. They will do all kind of regimes, both dietary and exercise to become thin, trim and fit within the socially ‘accepted’ pressurized slim norm. Believe me when I say I know how you feel. I have been there myself.Fight your weight loss resistance  with fat is not your fault

Unfortunately, if you are reading this article, then you have affected either physically and/or mentally by your weight resistance problems. This gets worse every time you hear someone talking about their successful weight loss on radio. You get further affected by seeing exciting TV shows and getting rid of you excess weight fast.

Having been there, I know how much negative you feel when you get infomercials about weight loss. You keep saying to yourselves, I have tried every single possible diet; Nothing work with me!

We all know it, there are various weight loss programs available offering different techniques to help people lose weight. But even after following the program meticulously, you may not be able to get any good results. Hence, may be stuck with overweight or worse may even gain weight instead. Well let me tell you, this is not the problem of your diet or the program you are following to lose weight but simply are the symptoms of weight resistance.

Why Weight Loss Resistance?

Weight loss resistance happens in women (more and more often with men too) having metabolic or physiologic imbalance. This imbalance would make losing weight extremely difficult and a majore challenge. It may be a problem inherited from your parents or may be a new development due to some major changes in your life. However, until it’s faced using the right approach, all your hours at the gym are a waste of time and money.

Let us take a simple approach to this. Weight loss resistance depends upon the metabolism of a person. In other words, every person metabolizes fat differently. That’s why some people don’t gain weight even if they eat a lot. Genes play a major role in this and also the type of diet you are having throughout your life. Even the type of pressures you are under may affect your metabolism and lead your body to react with weight loss resistance.

Is there a solution to weight loss resistance?

Having search for a long time for a solution, I have managed to narrow down my issues by using the fat is not your fault methodology. This program provides a clear method to really identify where your weight loss resistance comes from.

Primarily there are six things or imbalances (sometimes more) that may contribute to the weight loss resistance in women (some of these apply to men!). There are times where you’ll find a combination of these imbalances in a single person. But the problem is not the imbalances, the real issue is that you do not know you have this imbalances!  The main thing is for you to start knowing exactly the problem you are having so that you can target it properly. Some of the main imbalances include:

  1. Adrenal imbalance
  2. Hormonal imbalance
  3. Digestive imbalance
  4. Neurotransmitter imbalance
  5. Impaired detoxification
  6. Systemic inflammation

To tackle weight loss resistance and obtain successful diet results, you can refer to some of the most basic yet very targeted solutions to your problem as follows:

  • Know your problem: With the help of a doctor who is specialized in this, one must investigate his/her imbalances so that you can create a nutrition and exercise plan specifically for your system.
  • Practice eating healthy: Yes, we all tend to forget it, but you must strictly follow a well-balanced diet three (to four max) times a day with two snacks in between. Also your diet must include fresh veggies and fruits and must contain a protein rich diet of fish, organic eat, nuts and milk.
  • Use supplements and herbs: You may be suffering from various imbalances, so you must take supplements and other herbs that may correct the imbalance. This must be strictly taken in accordance to the subscription by the doctor.
  • Exercise: Even if you have tried lots of exercises which haven’t helped enough, you must find the right kind of exercises which also sustains good health and would help set your metabolism to normalcy. But you do not have to practice till you cannot even walk!
  • Rest and sleep: May be one of the most important one. Sleep is vital to keep your metabolism healthy and also so that your body is maintained properly. You must have enough sleep every day and you must rest periodically every day and mustn’t strain your body which may have a negative impact on your bodily system.

I know by now you may feel that the above six solutions is not enough to reduce your weight issue. So if you want more solutions to your weight loss resistance, read this article on fat is not your fault.  Never think that you cannot lose your weight, you may have weight loss resistance and through proper treatment and regime you may be able to lose your weight and also bring your system to normality.